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Why Design Matters

This week, BusinessWeek posted an article called "Teaching Mapping Apps to Pick the Prettiest Walk Over the Shortest." The fact that this new feature is even being explored is proof that people are not always satisfied with the simplest, quickest path: They want a beautiful experience. 
In the case of this article, this applies to walking or driving a beautiful route, but this concept can also be applied to the world of web development. Whether you are in the business of designer clothing, plumbing, or running a bar, your customers want to see beauty when they access your website. Of course, this beauty will look different for different businesses, but it must be there. From feminine fonts to well-thought-out color schemes, from high-quality photos to smooth, animated graphics, a good website will not only be efficient in giving customers the information that they are seeking, but it will capture their attention aesthetically, making their visit to your site much more pleasant. 
Is your business's website a place that people enjoy visiting? If not, let Jemco Logics help you by creating a beautiful, custom-designed site today.
Posted: 1/31/2018 4:07:28 PM by Bill Bensinger | with 0 comments

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