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Grand Rapids Michigan based Jemco Logics would like to announce that they have chosen Kentico CMS as their exclusive in-house CMS solution partner. At Jemco Logics we believe that providing our clients with the ability to maintain their own sites, by empowering them with a state of the art solution and content management system, we can provide a better customized and targeted solution. Kentico CMS can provide every aspect that a client would need to manage their site with simplicity and user ease, from creating new pages, easy to use editors, message boards, and over 200 other web parts. Content Management Systems give you full power to control every aspect of your site! Jemco Logics develops sites that are easily maintained by clients with no design or development experience, it is a great product and empowers business owners to be able to control their business and website, and get the information out to their clientele on the dime with a highly flexible and complete solution for all their needs. Kentico CMS for ASP.NET is a full-featured Web content management system providing a complete set of features for building web sites, intranets, extranets, on-line stores and community sites on the Microsoft ASP.NET platform.

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